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I do my best to write as much as I humanly can about my software engineering and engineering management experiences. As someone that's been programming for over 20 years and managing teams of engineers professionally for over a decade, I want to make sure that I can provide you with as many learnings as I can.

I've been consistently writing at least three articles per week but have set a goal for that to be 6 days per week plus the extra exclusive article that goes out with my weekly newsletter. Additionally, I try to supplement these articles with three full-length YouTube videos per week.

All of this takes my own time outside of work, and any sponsorship funds are completely reinvested into being able to deliver more and higher quality content. I appreciate all of the support that I receive because it allows me to have a wider reach as well as a more meaningful reach when I can spend more time on the important aspects.

I thank you for your support in my content creation -- it goes a very long way and means a lot to me.

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